EV Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer coating that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s paint, creating layers of protection from UV rays, stains, and etching. This makes cleaning the surface of your vehicle easier, as it creates a super hydrophobic coating that helps to repel water, dirt, and road grime whilst dramatically increasing gloss levels and heightening the appearance of your vehicle.

Our Coatings Specialist has over 25 years industry experience giving Lucky Five Motorsport the competitive edge in both EV protection and ultimate elevation.


Ceramic Coating steps in as the ultimate solution to addressing a multitude of concerns faced by car enthusiasts worldwide.

Once professionally applied by our Coatings Specialist, the Ceramic Coating will streamline your car care routine by reducing the need for frequent waxing and polishing & tedious maintenance. Upon completion you will have achieved magnificently flawless gloss levels.

The hydrophobic properties activated during our Ceramic Coating application will also add an extra layer of defence against minor scratches and swirl marks, your vehicles surface will remain smoother and more resilient against dirt & grime, UV elements, acidic rain, environmental factors and damaging road debris.

With expert application, our Coatings Specialist will safeguard your vehicle by creating a barrier guarding your vehicle paint from fading, oxidation and unsightly blemishes.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra
We use and recommend the most advanced Ceramic Coating product on the market - Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, protected by a 9 year warranty
Paint Correction Services
We include specialist Paint Correction Services prior to your coating application to achieve the highest possible outcome
Unsurpassed Protection
With us you will achieve extraordinary gloss levels, improved colour depth and a harder exterior offering unsurpassed abrasion, chemical and environmental protection against daily factors likely to damage your vehicles paint
Glass Coating
We include the coating of all glass at no additional cost
Looks Brand New
Our Ceramic Coating Service will keep your vehicle looking magnificently glossy and brand new, prolonging the life of your exterior paint
Repels Water and Dirt
You will be thankful for the benefits a hydrophobic surface provides by repelling water and dirt, aiding ease of maintenance
Full Vehicle Ceramic Coating Service is priced at $1495 for the M3 and MY

Are you ready to take charge of your vehicles protection and appearance?

“Michael at Lucky Five is very very good at what he does. Not only does he provide Avery good service in terms of being approachable with any questions etc, he also has a vast knowledge of working with various prestige cars including Tesla. Michael moved mountains to accomodate the time to get working on my Tesla and his work more than speaks for itself. He is down to earth and genuinely a nice guy. I can see myself going to him for a long long time for all my Tesla needs”
Harsha Hosur
We supplied and fitted Mountain Pass Performance Adjustable Coilovers to dramatically improve the overall drive experience in terms of comfort and performance. We also fitted race brake pads, adjustable camber arms and added vinyl accents.
“Michael is passionate and knowledgeable about cars and treated my Tesla as his own.I trust him implicitly and don’t stress when my car is in his hands. He takes the time to explain the options and doesn’t necessarily suggest the one most beneficial to his business, in fact he talked me out of spending more money than I needed. Would highly recommend him"
Peter Simpson
We applied our full protection package, including PPF, ceramic coating and ceramic window tinting.
“Had the UP Performance lowering springs fitted to my Tesla Model 3. This would have to be one of the best customer service experiences I've had. Michael was always available to answer any questions and give me lots of advice on which springs to get. Excellent communication. I was then surprised to receive a message from him in the evening to ask how my drive home was and check if I was happy with the car. Would highly recommend and will definitely use him for any other mods in the future”
Pierre Pino
We supplied and fitted the Unplugged Performance Super Performance Dual Rate Lowering Springs.
“I went to Lucky Five Motorsport to do ceramic coating, tinting, and PFF for the front bumper of my Tesla Model 3. Pricing was very reasonable, and the quality of work just blew me away. The car looked so much better than the day I took delivery of it. Communication was incredible, and the whole work took a couple of days. I will be returning to them as soon as I purchase a new vehicle again”
Mansour Faqiri
We applied a Ceramic Coating, PPF, and finished it of with window tinting.
“Michael at Lucky Five was fantastic, he led me through the process to paint my brake calipers step-by-step for my Lamborghini. He also helped organised for my wheels to be painted, couldn’t be more happier, highly recommended!”
Sherif Ghobrial
Customised brake Calipers and full wheel refurbishment including colourchange to gloss black for an updated look to an already outstanding vehicle.
“Amazing service and expertise, highly recommend”
We fitted a Maxton Front Lip and rear diffuser. We also supplied and installedUnplugged Performance Aero Efficient Carbon Spoiler. This vehicle was also lowered on adjustable coilover springs.
“Michael is a real gentleman. Lowered my Tesla 3. Excellent workmanship! Excellent communication. Highly recommended!”
Paul Zinzo
Supplied and fitted Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs to adjust the stance of the vehicle and Sway Bay to improve cornering and overall handling of the vehicle.
“The team at Lucky Five did an Excellent job in modifying my pride and joy with absolute perfection. They walked me through the process and provided me with pointers on how to maintain the paint job and wheel colour. Without a doubt one of the best services I’ve been treated to”
Chris Papas
We applied Ceramic coating to this Porsche GTS to protect the white paint and keep it looking highly glossed and clean, as well as blacked out the wheels for a more aggressive road presence.
“Had my 2022 Model 3 LR in at Lucky Five Motorsport last week. Michael Loverso and his team completed 3M tinting including full roof and headlights, installed new design fog lights front and rear, mudflaps, screen swivel and blacked out the logos as well as full paint correction and ceramic coat. Extremely pleased with the result. Michael and the team are fastidious and the quality is excellent. Highly recommended.”
Mark Campbell
“Michael and his team are super professional and do brilliant work. The work they did on our first new Tesla was outstanding. Their attention to detail was very impressive and all at the right price. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. I am about to take our 2nd car there shortly. Highly recommended”
Jason Nolan
Full Vehicle Protection Package. We supplied and installed an interior screen swivel mount for greater usability. We also added black vinyl accents for a heightened design element.
Michael was amazing. He supplied and installed new wheels and coil over suspension for my model 3. Great communication, highly recommend.
Arun Sett
We supplied and expertly installed comfort adjustable coilover suspension and show stopping Koya SF10 wheels in Super Rootbeet
Michael at Lucky Five Motorsport performed an installation of the lowering springs for my Tesla model 3 P there was no issues it all came together perfectly, the car handles better and looks absolutely awesome now, I'm very happy with Michael's service and his professionalism and knowledge of the Tesla car, I could have simply taken my Tesla to my local suspension mechanic but knowing Michael has the experience of already worked on over 50 Tesla's it was no brainer, I highly recommend his service.
Marty Hum
We supplied and expertly installed adjustable coilover suspension to enhance the ride quality, height and handling.
I was referred to Lucky Five Motorsport (Michael Loverso) by my Car Detailer. Michael is genuine, knowledgeable, experienced, service orientated and an overall great guy. He spent a lot of time explaining things to me and he researched (on my behalf) the best available and affordable products for my Porsche Cayman. He never pushed me into making a decision that was beneficial to him and that I was not comfortable with. I originally went to Lucky Five to have my brake callipers painted, however in the end I purchased new wheels, tires, springs and the callipers were painted too. These additions have completely changed the look and feel of my car, and I could not be happier with the outcome. Between suggesting ideas, ordering and receiving the goods, Michael kept me updated and informed. I rarely come across this level of service now-a-days. Overall, an amazing experience. I highly recommend using Lucky Five Motorsport.
We had the pleasure of working on Danie's beautiful Cayman in both the design and installation phases to create a fresh, new look. The results were outstanding.

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Adjustable Coilover Suspension

Completely transform the ride quality, height, and handling of your vehicle with adjustable coilover suspension, installed by our qualified specialists.


A high efficiency trunk spoiler will improve aero-efficiency and add to the aesthetics of your vehicle.


We are the most highly qualified and sought after team working on Tesla, EV and prestige vehicles in Melbourne. If your vehicle is underperforming, book a diagnostic appointment today. We will discover the source of the problem and engineer a solution that meets your expectations. We work to make your vision a reality, this always begins with in-depth consultation between qualified experts and our clients.


We source, supply, and expertly install alloy wheels and tyres to suit the desired aesthetics and performance of your vehicle and professionally add enhancements such as customised calipers. With strong relationships worldwide we have access to a large range of wheels suiting a vast majority of drivers. 

Specialist body repair

Our award winning automotive repair division is led by industry expert Michael Loverso. With multiple qualifications and specialist skills, Michael has the ability to render even the most complicated of repairs.

Front Lip

Enhance the visual impact of your vehicle and improve efficiency by decreasing the total vehicle drag coefficiency by 6.6%. In addition to the decrease in drag, a front lip installation increases the front downforce by 35.4%. Your vehicle will accelerate faster and perform more efficiently. The impact-resistant polymer we use is strong and adds protection to your front end.

Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer coating that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s paint, creating layers of protection from UV rays, stains, and etching. This makes cleaning the surface of your vehicle easier, as it creates a super hydrophobic coating that helps to repel water, dirt, and road grime whilst dramatically increasing gloss levels and heightening the appearance of your vehicle. 

Window Tinting

Our ceramic window tint films increase protection, privacy and heat deflection capabilities. Window tinting completes the enhanced look of a vehicle.